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In California, as in many other states, attorneys are given the chance to become certified specialists in workers’ compensation law. This certification indicates an intimate understanding of a complex and highly specialized area of legal practice. While this can offer numerous advantages to legal professionals, specializing in this field also comes with certain challenges and […]

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Filing a work comp claim is an essential right afforded to employees throughout California, designed to ensure their well-being and financial stability in the aftermath of a workplace injury. While employees are seldom happy when an employee exercises this right, the majority of them choose to adhere to the law and provide necessary benefits. Majority […]

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Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) is a critical concept within the California Workers’ Compensation system that represents a significant milestone in the treatment and evaluation of injured workers. However, many people still struggle to grasp the ins and outs of this system, often turning to workers’ compensation attorneys near them for counsel. The reason for this […]

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In the instances where a dedicated worker gets suddenly incapacitated due to an unexpected injury, Total Temporary Disability (TTD) benefits become a critical financial support system, safeguarding them during the recovery. Considering how essential this aspect of the California workers’ compensation system is, it’s subject to stringent eligibility criteria and meticulous calculations that govern TTD […]

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The establishment of Medical Provider Networks (MPNs) in the California Workers’ Compensation system was intended to streamline medical care and control costs. However, concerns and criticisms have arisen, particularly from injured workers and the applicant workers comp lawyers in Los Angeles who represent them. The primary concern centers on the limited choice of healthcare providers […]

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The American Medical Association (AMA) Guidelines to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, commonly referred to as the “AMA Guides,” are a set of well-respected and widely recognized guidelines that are used in the assessment of permanent impairments and disabilities resulting from work-related injuries or illnesses.  These guidelines have evolved over several years and are currently […]

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Assembly Bill 2294 (AB 2294) marked a significant shift in California’s Workers’ Compensation system when it was signed into law in 2016. While the legislation aimed to address critical issues within the California Workers’ Compensation system, it also brought about negative unintended consequences and challenges for Los Angeles workers comp attorneys and injured workers. This […]

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In the deep sea of labor law, Senate Bill (SB) 899 stands as a crucial and pivotal piece of legislation that has the potential to bring substantial changes to the California workers’ compensation system as we know it today. However, if you were to ask any reputable workers comp attorney in Los Angeles about this […]

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  • Peter and his staff are the best in Los Angeles. I came to him with a delayed claim because I was trying to be nice and not report the injury right away and that is a long story. Peter got my case accepted and I received immediate medical treatment for my injury. Very happy with all aspects of dealing with his firm. Thanks!


    by B.F. August, 2018.

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