Police Officers & Firefighters

In the congested City of Los Angeles, many property fires start every year. Add wildfires to the mix, and the firefighters who work in this part of California have many chances for injury and disability. Police officers who strive to keep our streets safe can also run afoul of many opportunities to get injured or worse. We at the California Workers Compensation Lawyers salute our first responders for the amazing job they do.

When a firefighter or law enforcement officer puts themselves in harm’s way, the outcome may not be as positive as everyone hopes. Fires, explosions, gunshots, blades, vehicular accidents, and more all contribute to the high potential rate of workplace injuries for these dedicated professionals. Not every injury is physical either. The mental and emotional toll that fighting crime or fires puts on a person is considerable.

Whether an individual is physically injured so they can no longer perform their duties or emotionally scarred from the trauma experienced every day, they are entitled to workers’ compensation as long as they can prove that the problem occurred on the job. That is where we come. With the help of an experienced and forthright attorney well-versed in California regulations, you can claim benefits to help you overcome the disasters that occur in your line of work.

Likewise, in the case of a fallen police officer or firefighter killed in the line of duty, we at the California Workers Compensation Lawyers in Los Angeles can help families realize death benefits to help them through this difficult time.

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