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Workers Compensation – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is workers’ compensation in California?

A. Every injured individual who received an injury as a result of a work related accident is entitled to certain financial benefits. These benefits come from the program called Workers’ compensation, which is issued by the state. To learn more about the program itself, call us today to speak to one of our knowledgeable attorneys.

Q. How do I apply for Workers’ Compensation?

A. It is pretty simple. All you have to do is report the injury to your superiors and submit a DW-1 form. After that, they will file for your Workers’ compensation claim.

But first, you have to speak to a lawyer and see if you are eligible to receive Workers’ compensation. Cal today and one of our lawyers from the Los Angeles Worker’s Compensation Lawyer Pros will take your call and guide you through the arduous process.

Q. How Do I report an Injury at Work?

A. After you have received proper medical care, call your superiors and let them know of your injury and how it happened. Explain to them the circumstances surrounding the accident, how it happened, what resulted from it and who was present. If you have a witness to prove your story, you will save yourself a lot of time.

Afterwards, simply ask your superiors to file for your Workers’ compensation claim. Note that they cannot fire you for asking this, and if they do so, you are allowed to file a legal lawsuit against them.

Q. Does everyone receive workers’ compensation?

A. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Many people file for Workers’ compensation, but not everyone receives it. The reason is this – the insurance company gets thousands of claims every day, and it is in their best interest to protect their shareholders. To do so, they have to try and delay as many claims as they can, and use every single lack of information to delay a claim. But don’t worry, even if your claim is delayed by the insurance company, you can still get it back on track. The most common delays are up to 90 days, and waiting that long can be exhausting, especially if you have just lost your main source of income. With a help from a skilled delayed claim attorney, you can have your claim back on track in a matter of days.

Q. Will it help if I hire an attorney?

A. 100% yes. If you hire an attorney right of the bat, you will evade all potential issued which may arise from the situation. This includes getting your work comp claim denied or delayed. In addition, an attorney will ensure that you receive the highest settlement possible, advocate you and work in your best interest. Attorneys work on contingency, meaning that you will not be charged anything until your case is solved in your favor and you receive your legally owed financial benefits. If your case is lost, you won’t be charged a single dollar for their services. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain by hiring an attorney.

Q. What does Work Comp Cover?

A. Besides providing you with financial compensation for your lost income, inability to work, lost wages and endured pain and stress, you will also receive fully paid medical care and won’t have to worry about any of the medical expenses. Most of the time, these expenses are over the roof. Luckily, you will have everything fully paid, including physiotherapies, medications and prescriptions drugs, hospital bills and fees, transfer to the doctor and back, as well as out-of-pocket expenses.

If you have any further questions regarding the Workers’ compensation, feel free to call us during business hours or write us an email. We will reach out to you as soon as we can.

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