Pre-Existing Conditions

The insurance companies aligned with your employer do everything they can to hold on to their money and not paying out in appropriate workers’ compensation benefits. One of the arguments they make against payments is to claim that an injury is part of a pre-existing condition. You may think that the presence of one of these completely negates any claim of benefits you could make. This is not true.

At California Workers Compensation Lawyers, our experts understand how to counter this argument if your claims of repetitive stress injury, accidents, or exposure to certain environmental hazards make your pre-existing condition worse. With proper medical diagnosis, the records may show that activities or incidences at work made your problems much worse than they would have been otherwise. We know how to go after what you deserve, and we will do so with all the knowledge of California law we possess.

Pre-existing conditions frequently involve a longer workers’ compensation claim process than obvious accidents or injuries sustained due to one-time events. They may deny first claim outbreak. Fortunately, California offers a comprehensive appeals process that allows you and your attorney to expand the possibility of achieving appropriate and deserving benefits in the end.

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    by J.M. June, 2018.

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