Occupational Diseases

It makes sense to most people who work in California that an injury or accident that occurs at the workplace and results in bodily injury deserves some type of compensation. However, many are also unaware that illnesses carry the same protections. If you contracted the illness at work and it resulted in medical bills or time off work, a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer with experience in Los Angeles can fight for your rights and financial benefits.

The majority of occupational diseases that fall under this compensation ruling occur due to exposure. For example, if you come in contact with certain chemicals or toxins on a regular basis, it greatly increases your chances of falling ill or developing a disorder. One common example is mesothelioma, which comes from contact with asbestos. Certain other types of cancers also apply.

The rules of California’s workers’ compensation system also includes various illnesses on the list of things that workers can file claims for. These include chronic issues like arthritis, pain syndromes, fibromyalgia, and carpal tunnel. One important thing to remember is that benefits are available even well after you stop working at a particular location. Sometimes, a disease takes years to appear after repeated exposure. This is why you need the type of help that experienced workers’ compensation attorneys can provide.

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