Death Benefits for Families

In the unfortunate eventuality that a family member dies from an incident at work, the spouse and children are left with a lot of expenses and a loss of income that can negatively impact their future. When the accident occurs due to negligence, improved safety, proper maintenance, better training, or multiple other avoidable reasons, a professional attorney with experience in the field of workers’ compensation and go after family death benefits in California.

In the midst of your grief, you do not have to journey through the complicated process on your own. Instead, call the California Workers Compensation Lawyers to learn about how we can help you get monetary relief for multiple expenses associated with. These can include medical costs, funeral expenses, and compensation for future wages no longer available to the family.

No amount of money will detract from the tragedy of losing a beloved family member. However, financial compensation can alleviate some additional strain placed on spouse and children during this difficult time. Claim amounts align with treatment costs delivered before the demise, expenses associated with final arrangements, how many dependents are left behind, and how much income the person was earning before tragedy struck. In most cases, this type of compensation for a work-related death comes in multiple payments over time.

California allows for family compensation up to $330,000. Contact us today if this tragedy befell your family and allow us to help you through this difficult time. We strive to make the process as easy as possible so you can grieve without the added stress of financial troubles.

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