Why Is It Important to Hire an Attorney As Soon As Possible?

The instant you sustain an injury at work, you immediately fear the medical, professional, and financial repercussions. In that moment, you have to face a potentially long-term change to your entire life. In the hustle to get proper medical care, you have more things on your mind than insurance companies and workers’ comp. However, understand that any delay in getting appropriate representation and guidance through the entire process before you can make it much more difficult to get compensation for your health-related expenses and lost wages.

Calling the California Workers Compensation Lawyers as soon as possible helps remove a large part of the stress you feel when injured on the job. Our attorneys focus on your needs while maintaining a firm grasp of California workers laws to improve the outcome of your claim.

Gather Evidence and Facts Right Away

The longer you wait to engage the services of a competent attorney, the harder it is to maintain control of the truth. After all, the employer could clean up the spill, fix the machine, or throw out the hazardous material before anyone has a chance to investigate. If you wait until after all your medical treatment is done, the law firm has limited ability to go back and gather records necessary for a successful claim.

Choose Your Own Medical Treatment

Many employers and insurance companies may push you to visit company doctors or certain and health centers to get a particular outcome to your diagnosis and recommended treatment plan. Acting quickly for your own benefit allows you to take control of your own future and facilitate your workers compensation claim in a more fair and equitable way. When you consult with an attorney from the start, they can help you protect your rights to appropriate medical care.

Avoid High-Pressure Tactics

Companies, individuals, and insurance groups who recognize where the fault lies may try to encourage you to sign documents to get a simple settlement from the start. Do not sign anything until you have insulted with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. If you do sign their documents, your chance at receiving appropriate compensation disappears. Without the type of in-depth knowledge about the California workers’ comp system that our attorneys have, you may end up with a settlement offer inappropriate for your medical costs and lost wages.

Are you concerned about how much an attorney will cost?

When you face an uncertain financial future due to time off work, expensive medical treatments, and the possibility of permanent disabilities that may affect your ability to work in your chosen career, the last thing you want to worry about is paying for an attorney. This is another reason why it’s so important to call reputable firm like California Workers Compensation Lawyers in Los Angeles right away. We never charge any upfront costs, offer a free consultation appointments, and only bill based on the final settlement amount. We do not get paid unless you do.

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