Workplace Injuries in LA County & USA: A Comparative Analysis

April 30, 2024

In the US, hundreds of thousands of workers incur job-related injuries on a daily basis, amounting to millions yearly. Given the sheer volume of incidents, as well as their implications on the life of the individual in the long term, understanding the financial and incidental landscape of workplace injuries becomes paramount.

That’s why, today, our work injury attorneys from Los Angeles decided to bring you a comparative analysis of work-related injuries in the US and Los Angeles County, offering a deeper insight into the intricacies of the system both locally and nationally. 

What is the amount of work injuries that occurred in Los Angeles County in 2022 and in the USA overall?

In 2022, Los Angeles County, like many other parts of the United States, faced significant challenges related to workplace injuries. While exact county-specific data for Los Angeles isn’t readily available to the public, the general statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) can give us a broad understanding of the situation.

Incidence of Workplace Injuries

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Nationally, the total number of recordable workplace injury and illness cases was approximately 2.8 million in 2022. These cases included those that resulted in days away from work, work restrictions in the job, or transfers, which collectively accounted for about 1.18 million of the total cases​. 

Common injuries included sprains, strains, and tears, notably affecting about 548,000 workers. Back injuries and were also significant, with around 251,000 incidents reported, and falls, slips, and trips accounted for approximately 451,000 cases​.

Injuries by Gender

Regarding the breakdown of injuries regarding gender, the data shows typically on average that men are more frequently injured in the workplace compared to women, largely due to the prevalence of men in more physically demanding roles. However, specific gender-disaggregated data for Los Angeles in 2022 wasn’t specified in the accessible records. Therefore, we will defer to National statistics on this matter.

Highest Risk Sectors

From an industry perspective, sectors such as construction, manufacturing, and transportation consistently report much higher numbers of work injuries due to the nature of the work involved. These industries often involve heavy machinery, manual handling of materials, chemicals, and work at heights, all of which contribute to higher risk factors in work injuries on the job.

Conclusion: The Importance of Well-Devised Health & Safety Regulations

The data reflects the ongoing need for improved safety protocols and training, as many of the aforementioned injuries are preventable with proper safety measures and compliance. Companies are encouraged to invest in comprehensive training programs, safety equipment, and regular audits to ensure compliance with occupational safety standards.

It’s also important to note that the incidence of workplace injuries has a broader impact beyond immediate physical harm. It affects productivity, increases healthcare costs, and can lead to long-term disability. These factors emphasize the economic and social importance of robust workplace health and safety regulations and practices.

How much money nationally did the Worker’s Compensation insurance industry pay out in settlements to injured workers?

The workers’ compensation insurance market, which covers medical care and rehabilitation for injured workers, and provides for lost wages and death benefits, varies significantly across different regions and states. In the U.S., workers’ compensation systems and their costs can differ widely, influenced by state-specific legislation and the nature of the industries predominant in each state​​.

What is the amount of work injuries that occurred in Los Angeles County in 2022 and in the USA

Financial data from the insurance industry, such as net premiums written and combined ratios, can provide insight into the scale of operations. For instance, in 2022, the net premiums written for workers’ compensation insurance in the U.S. alone were substantial, amounting to billions of dollars, with some companies posting record profits in certain states like California. This reflects a robust activity in covering workplace safety risks​.

Globally, understanding the total payouts involves considering various national systems of insurance, including government-run schemes and private insurance, and the degree to which workers are covered under different regimes, which can vary dramatically from country to country.

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